Dr. Ross Moore in Winnipeg


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Genuine Desire to Help People

I was experiencing debilitating headaches and nausea from working in front of a computer all day.  My first visit with Dr. Moore he diagnosed the cause of my headaches and worked with me to find a solution.  Thanks to Dr. Moore’s experience, knowledge and expertise I am now able to work all day on the computer without discomfort.  He provides excellent care and has a genuine desire to help people.  Dr. Moore is a credit to his profession and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an optometrist.

Jennifer G.

Knowledgeable... and good FUN!

Visiting the team at Nowlan & Moore is always a great experience.  They are always friendly and knowledgeable. They go out of their way to be helpful... not to mention good FUN!


I Always Recommend Nowlan & Moore

Whenever I hear of someone needing an eye exam I always recommend Nowlan and Moore, they are definitely the most thorough!  I work in an office and my eyes always felt fatigued, but Dr. Moore recommended the computer rx based off my exam results and now my eyes feel great. Thank you for your thorough eye exams!

B. Dueck

Staff Are Outstanding

The best experience I ever had getting a new pair of glasses. The doctor and staff are outstanding. I was blown away by how friendly, helpful and knowledgeable they are. They seemed as happy as I was with the great pair of glasses I got. Thank you.


L. Fox

Trusted for 11 years

I have trusted Dr. Moore with my vision for nearly 11 years. During my last exam he prescribed my first pair of computer glasses. I explained to him that my glasses were no longer suitable because of the viewing distance of my computer screen. I also explained that I was experiencing headaches, eyestrain and dry eyes. I admit I was skeptical that computer glasses would solve the issues I was having because of the amount of time spent in front of the computer. However when I started wearing the glasses I was amazed at the difference they made! So much so that I hated to leave them at the office on the weekends. I would highly recommend to anyone spending more than a couple hours a day on the computer to seriously consider getting a computer prescription. I am very grateful that Dr. Moore listened to the symptoms I was experiencing and diagnosed me with Computer Vision Syndrome. It has allowed me to work more comfortably at the computer. T. Freiling
T. Freiling